There are eight soundtracks in the original leak version of Fighting Is Magic, including 6 character stage themes. This later brought up to an additional 7 soundtracks, 15 in total as of Premium Two. 

  1. Main Menu Theme by Unknown
  2. Title Screen Theme by Unknown
  3. Golden Oaks Library - Twilight Sparkle's Theme by RC88
  4. Sugarcube Corner - Pinkie Pie's Theme by Whitetail
  5. Sweet Apple Acres - Applejack's Theme by RC88
  6. Cloudsdale - Rainbow Dash's Theme by RC88
  7. Carousel Boutique - Rarity's Theme (titled "The Art of Kicking Flank" in the game files, though not confirmed) by Whitetail
  8. Fluttershy's Cotage - Fluttershy's Theme by RC88
  9. Final Tussle - Boss Encounter/Scooter's Theme (titled "Struggle Against Disorder") by D Flat Minor
  10. Country Road - Derpy's Theme by D Flat Minor
  11. Trixie's Stage - Trixie's Theme by D Flat Minor
  12. Training Arena Theme by D Flat Minor
  13. Zenith Of Cordillera (titled "In Celebration?") by D Flat Minor
  14. Character Select Theme (titled "Select Your Pony?") by D Flat Minor
  15. Big Mac Theme by Starfall Music