Sex Mare
Kind Earth Pony
Max HP 595
Weapon(s) Shadow clones, fireballs,
Max Magic 2
Voice Actor/Actress Emily 'Simbaga' Fajardo
Palletes Scooter (default)

Maud Pie

Scooter is a physical clone of Pinkie Pie. Her existence is non-canonical to the show.

Trivia Edit

  • Scooter is the first clone to be playable in the Fighting Is Magic fandom.
  • Although first appeared in late 2013 as a test character, she was claimed to be a parody of Fukua from Skullgirls Encore. This was due to the relatively short time period between the first debuts of the two clones. However, the electricity she emits in the character select screen was ripped straight from Skullgirls Encore and recolored.
  • Before Beta 6.1, her magic meter was not associated with any of her moves.
  • Scooter shares the same voice actress as Pinkie Pie, with the in-game voice clips being slightly pitched down.
  • Scooter is the only Earth Pony who casts spells.
  • Scooter's power is energy.

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