Fluttershy menu icon
Sex Mare
Kind Pegasus
Max HP 575

460 (TE)

Weapon(s) Hooves, variety of animals, Angel
Max Magic 3

Semi refill.

Voice Actor/Actress LilyPichu
Palletes Fluttershy (default)

Representing the element of kindness, Fluttershy is a Pegasus who takes care of a variety of animals.

Move list (only applies to TE build) Edit

Name Command Damage Special Properties
Standing L L 4 None
Standing M M 14 (4+10) 2x combo
Standing H H 17 None
Crouching 2L 5 None
Crouching 2M 12 None
Crouching 2H 16 None
Jumping In Air L 7 None
Jumping In Air M 23 3x combo
Jumping In Air H 16 None
Launcher 3 H 18 None
Grab 6D 30 None

Strategy Edit

Combos Edit

Resets Edit

Matchups Edit

Twilight Sparkle:





Rainbow Dash:

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